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Date and marry Odessa women

Odessa women are so uniquely sweet that they are considered real pearls of Ukraine. Their lifestyle as well as personal qualities are uncommon and make them stand out in the crowd. Beauties from this city do not look like typical Ukrainian women. Although they like simplicity in making-up and clothes, a woman from the sunny city can be recognized by a perfect look. She never tells her life story to the first coming guy. Only the man, who can win her heart, will be awarded with the privilege to know her secrets. In the article below you will get to know where to find faithful caring wives and what do Canadians know about Ukrainian women? You will learn handy tips on dating and marriage. Readers will also get the point on why 100womenofdestiny.com is worth dealing with.

Five Reasons Why Odessa Women Are So Beautiful

Did you know that 113 nationalities live in Odessa (Ukraine)? Women having ancestral roots in this port city near the Black Sea believe they possess national traits of all those peoples. Odessa women are joking that they are good mothers like Jewish ones, passionate lovers like Spanish dancers, romantic creatures like French ladies. What concerns beauty, it is a typical homemade Ukrainian feature. Do you want to know some other reasons why these women are so beautiful? 100womenofdestiny.com has prepared a list with their 5 beauty secrets.
  1. Naturalness.
  2. It is the first secret of attractiveness. Reverent attitude to natural God-given beauty results in a huge bunch of advantages. The most evident one is long-lasting youth of skin, which is free from heavy makeup. Minimum cosmetics influences positively on facial skin, makes it healthy and looking natural. The townsfolk say sun protecting cream is the best cosmetic remedy for them.
  3. Sports.
  4. The nearness of the sea inclines beauties to love sports. Swimming is traditionally popular way of spending time. Early mornings you can watch girls running with earphones. In here, people also enjoy pilates, yoga, cardio exercises and dancing. Those healthy hobbies help have beautiful fit body.
  5. Upbeat Moods.
  6. These girls love having fun in company of friends. Smiling a lot, telling traditional jokes help them be positive-minded. They enjoy life what is reflected in appearance.
  7. Elegance.
  8. Audrey Hepburn said that elegance is the only beauty that never fades. In order to look elegant, ladies stick to several principles, namely:
    • Care of manicure and pedicure. Nails should be always done.
    • Make up slightly. Look natural and young.
    • Dress in a simple but refined way. Image should be memorable.
    • Use expensive perfumes with long-time trail.
    • Wear feminine clothes.
  9. Grace.
  10. Ability to behave like a queen seems to be art. Beauties from the city near the Black Sea master it brilliantly! They believe good manners must become a lady’s second nature.

Traditions of Odessa Girls. What is the Difference from Dnepropetrovsk and Other Cities?

Traditions of Ukrainian brides vary throughout the country. Odessa girls do not look like ones from Dnepropetrovsk, Uzhgorod or Kiev. Let’s turn to our collection of things, which became traditional in Odessa. The mystery and distrust. These things are typical for singles. In Ukraine girls are mostly easy-going, but an Odessa girl usually asks herself “What if..?” A credit of her trust must be earned. So if you are going to appoint a date, be frank. It will break ice between you two. Try to become her true friend. Family orientation. Tradition to take care of family, a husband, kids is similar to general Ukrainian family orientation. Ladies who have grown up in this city, become loving wives and devoted mothers. Family is their highest value. They support husbands understanding importance of strong relationships within the couple. Moreover, their homemaking skills are great. Women are not afraid of being housewives. They enjoy keeping a house in order because it brings them pleasure. Education. Odessa girls traditionally get higher education. Many of them enroll at postgraduate studying. Believing that anyone must graduate from a University, they are really smart, intelligent, interesting to talk to. Sense of Humour. Odessa girls like jokes, fun and optimism. This tradition is overwhelming for all inhabitants of the city. Singles here are vivacious, full of energy, able to laugh at difficulties. Everybody knows: humour prolongs life. A vigorous wife can prolong happy marriage.

How and Where to Find Odessa Brides for Dating?

Fame of Odessa brides is worldwide. In some countries such as Canada people know more about Odessa ladies. Many beauties immigrate in Canada yearly aiming at living within Ukrainian diaspora. That is why Canadian bachelors are likely to meet Ukrainian ‘pearls’ at home - in Canada. If you are not a Canadian citizen than try to turn to some dating agencies in Odessa. Dating with a mail-order bride can pleasantly surprise bachelors… If they follow our 3 tips.
  1. Appoint a date in her favourite place. Odessa is an ancient city. There are lots of outstanding places. But ask your beloved one to take you to her favourite place in the city. It may be the theatre, opera, cozy cafe or the sandy beach. Whatever! People feel more comfortable in familiar places. If she feels comfortable, your date will have success.
  2. Be interesting yourself. Show her your deep many-sided personality. Arouse interest to yourself. It will help achieve intimacy between you.
  3. Meet the parents. It is of crucial importance! Just let a girl know your intentions are serious enough to meet her mom and dad.

How to Date Odessa Women for Marriage?

In Odessa marriageable age is about 27-30. As you understand, these women have already achieved success, made career, received life experience. Why then are they still lonely? Statistics shows, there are only 876 men for 1000 women in this city. It is the reason why these beauties look for their future husbands somewhere else on planet Earth. They often turn to a credible Odessa marriage agency with the aim to meet love abroad. If a gentlemen’s target is marriage, date women via marriage agencies. It is worth using modern possibilities, which they offer. Applicants can chat and exchange gifts online, send emails, appoint dates. Moreover, agencies guarantee secure relations. Just find a candidate among ladies profiles and go ahead towards the love of your life. Hope, our article occurred useful for readers. We wish you lucky dating and happy marriages!


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